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A few more words

I have always loved the textures and body of clay.  I love to move it, stretch, impress, incise, carve, scratch, smooth, slice, tear and pull it.

My work evolves quietly and intimately in the studio. Through practice I learn to work clay, move it, use the wheel, develop glazes, fire the kiln and sell a little. Learning in this way is slow, fulfilling, joyful, frustrating, dirty, peaceful, revealing, solitary work. A formal ceramics education might not have afforded the luxury of such lengthy wandering and exploration. I might have learned to produce a cohesive body of work, to effectively market the work, or to write a glowing bio and artist's statement.

Working with clay connects us with both ancient and contemporary potters. We turn a little piece of earth into a pot, a wall, a floor, and enjoy the plastic quality and texture of the clay. We consider the function and the inside of each pot. What wll go into that space and how can it be made comfortable for the person handling it? We consider clays for durability and strength and for how they will hold coolness or heat. We use color, texture and pattern to emote a sense of peace and strength or vibrant life. Then we hand it over to the kiln, do our best to coax the fire our way, and lastly offer the finished work to others for their use and enjoyment.  Enjoy!

and a few more words...


We can feel secure and be grounded

by rekindling our awareness

of Nature's strength and beauty

by using everyday items

made of the earth itself.

Quickert Ceramics

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